the ultimate

Our books work offline, i.e. no Internet connection is necessary. However, we can incorporate additional Internet-based features, such as:

+ communication between reader and author

Possible applications:

  • Are you a teacher who would like to see which part of the exercise your pupils have reached, which tasks your pupils are finding difficult, where they are using the help function, or in which area specific pupils need more help because they have made too many mistakes in the exercises? If so, you will like our evaluation tool!
  • Would you, as a publishing company, like readers to be able to communicate with you directly from the book if, for example, they have found a mistake in an exercise or want to ask you a question? If so, you will like our feedback function, which is directly built in to the exercises!
  • Do you have other ideas about how you would like to communicate with your readers? If so, you will like our creative, expert applications!


+ backups


  • All interactive answers input by the reader, such as by filling in gaps, are stored locally on the iPad. 
  • Additional backup is available on request: as soon as the reader’s iPad connects to a WLAN, background synchronisation with the server begins. This means all answers are still available even if the reader buys a new device, or if they lose or break their iPad.


+ synchronisation via different devices

    • If books are used simultaneously by the same person on different devices (Mac, multiple iPads or iPad minis), it makes sense to keep all the devices synchronised. All entries made on different devices are therefore synchronised via a server.
    • In this way, readers can complete exercises in a book on a Mac at home and continue working on them on the move with an iPad. 

    The complete solution

    We offer you the complete solution: an iPad version of your book is created, with impressive interactive functions. You can interact with your readers using our books. You can collect feedback, assess results and thus discover more about your readers and customers.

    With a well-engineered visual design and clever widgets, you can communicate with your readers and customers in a brand new way. Our high-quality books can be used intuitively and are appealing to the eye. A new reading experience awaits you.

    Get in touch with us, we’d love to help you.