the plus

Buchplus produces sophisticated books. We would love to help you create the iPad version of your book and guarantee to produce a beautifully designed e-book with sound, high-quality technical features.

+ interactivity

We provide fascinating interactivity in HTML5. We can also meet complex requirements and develop widgets for

+ education and schools

+ specialist literature

+ professional training

+ business

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+ offline use

The reader’s entries are stored locally on the iPad. They can be backed up on a server on request. You can find information about this under the ultimate.

+ our widgets

The individual widgets can be combined and offer a wide range of possibilities. The widgets can also be used as an app and exercises can be completed on the app.

punctuation marks

Punctuation marks can be added to texts for practice purposes.



A classic tool for dragging answers directly to the right place with your finger. 


Individual words or whole sentences can be highlighted and terms sorted. 


Multiple Choice

Questions can be answered with multiple-choice or single answers.

listening comprehension

This widget supports audio files. Listening comprehension exercises or music files can be played. 


reading comprehension

A tab can be used to fade a text in and out over the questions to be answered.

Completion exercises

Gaps might be one character, one word or even several sentences long. 


flash cards

Flash cards can contain text and pictures. Thanks to intelligent repetition, only content that has not yet been learnt is practised.


Several pictures can be viewed one by one, with an audio file playing automatically if required.


mental arithmetic

Basic arithmetical operations can be practised efficiently in the form of a game.

not found?

Unable to find what you were looking for? We offer individual solutions and would love to hear your ideas. Contact us, we’d be pleased to help you!


+ functions for all widgets


Students and teachers can give feedback to the publisher or author.



Course leaders can send messages to their students.


The correction function supports students’ learning. They can automatically correct the answers and ask to see the right answers. 



Students and teachers can check and evaluate progress at any time.